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August 21-24 2019 year | Russia, Irkutsk

Gardening. Country-house.


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It is a holiday for all keen gardeners

Participants from all over Russia every year please the townspeople with novelties of fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and berries, bred by breeders especially for Siberian conditions. In addition, at the fair you can choose everything you need for a country house: gazebos, hammocks, wicker and forged furniture, baths, stoves, fireplaces, as well as bath and garden accessories.

The exhibition has everything that is necessary for gardeners: seedlings, seeds, fertilizers, garden tools and garden mini-technology, greenhouses, landscaping and cottages, heating equipment, water supply, lighting, watering, landscape design services and much more.

For all comers, there is a consulting site at the exhibition, where you can always get free advice from landscape designers, professionals in landscaping and decorating. 

The exhibition will host master classes on how to grow crops competently, organize your garden plot and turn it into a flowering garden.

With active participation

  • Ministry of Agriculture of Irkutsk region,
  • Clubs of gardeners-experienced workers and horticultural cooperatives of cities and districts of the Irkutsk region.

Official Support

  • The government of Irkutsk region,
  • Irkutsk regional union of horticultural non-profit associations,
  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Eastern Siberia,
  • Irkutsk Regional Association of Employers "Partnership of Commodity Producers and Entrepreneurs".

Main activities of the exhibition

The whole programme

Sections of the exhibition

  • Seeds and planting stock, soil, fertilizers, plant protection products;
  • Decorative trees, shrubs, coniferous plants, flower crops;
  • Floristics, flower arrangements;
  • Clubs, cooperatives, associations of gardeners, truck farmers;
  • Services of nurseries, greenhouses, landscape designers, flower shops;
  • Fruit and vegetable production;
  • Products of livestock, poultry, beekeeping;
  • Gardening equipment, mini-technique;
  • Garden and park design, landscape design, landscaping of plots and cottages;
  • Cottages, holiday homes, baths, saunas, yard constructions;
  • Fireplaces, stoves, greenhouses, greenhouses, winter gardens;
  • Garden and park, country furniture, forged and wicker products, small architectural forms;
  • Materials for paving, drainage, decorative design;
  • Water devices (swimming pools, ponds, fountains);
  • Electrical equipment, heating, water supply, lighting, watering equipment;
  • Protection of the house, cottages, garages;
  • Banking services;
  • Overalls and shoes;
  • Textiles and decor for home, tableware;
  • Goods for beauty and health;
  • Souvenir production;
  • Literature for specialists, printed and promotional products.

Results of the exhibition 2018





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